Your Heaven Is Within: Message From Lemuria

First seen at Blue Dragon Journal

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen


“Your heaven is within. Mine is here too, in this now, in my heart, in my body, in my soul. I can share it with you and, as I do, we ARE heaven together and creating this as our experience together of life.

Life doesn’t create the experience yet, rather, you create your experience of life. Isn’t this wonderful that you can dial this in to BEcome this more? It is easy to forget this in the world you live in, that you choose to experience fuzzy signal INside of your inner heaven so that you would focus outside you.

As you return to your Heaven within frequency, you experience heaven on the outside. The two vibrate in unity rather than in dissonance. This is the natural way….the animals live and know this, you can learn from them in this. Dolphins ride the waves and the waters…

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