Mary Magdalene: Remembering the ‘Heroine of the Faith’

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Sophia's Children

July 22nd is designated as the ‘feast day’ for Mary Magdalene or Mariamene e Mara (which means Mariamne the Master) in various traditions that include feast days (and for those outside of those various traditions, too).

The Wikipedia snapshot notes that while some Protestant communities don’t do feast days, per se, Magdalene is considered the “heroine of the faith.”

The Druidess, by Alexandre Cabanel (1823-1890). PD image.

I like that … heroine of the faith. It’s a nice upgrade from the long-held ‘misunderstanding’ (or reputation-smear) of Magdalene.

There is a case to be made for that.

Plus, what I appreciate about our heroine Magdalene’s story and example is that she wasn’t just bopping around doing the spiritual bypass or spiritual entertainment thing.

She was in it. Devoted. Engaged. Resilient. Transformed and transformative.

And, as it turns out, adept. Mara of the Inner Way and the Beauty…

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