Kp Note 7-20-17… “‘Lightening Up’ on the blog”

Kauilapele's Blog

As some may have noticed, my posting frequency has decreased in the last few weeks. Some type of transformation is occurring, I know for sure.

There is no longer the deep impulse to post “everything about everything” going on in the world, and how things may or may not be “changing for the better” (even though I know they are). Absolutely no interest in that at this time.

My sense is that I am “allowing” a new phase of the Kp life path to unfold. And it is not to be rushed, nor is it to be “forced”, nor are the former ways to be “held on to” for the sake of getting more views (hits), getting more readers, getting more attention from “the world out there”…

This includes reporting on “world events”, reporting on the disclosure community things, seminars, webinars, reporting on how many Blue Avians have come…

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