New Video About Goddess Energy with Enya’s Music in 432Hz

Courtesy of truthearth

Found at Blue Dragon Journal


First allow me to share the difficulties and interference I experienced while creating this particular video. The video kept crashing (this happens sometimes with larger HD material) but certain clips wouldn’t show up or stop working and I would have to delete them and re-add them several times.

This happened so many times and became so frustrating. Luckily, I rendered a video without text first and just used that over the Swiss cheese timeline I now had. My computer had a big brain fart and it told me that rendering this video would take 12 hours even though the previous one took only 50 minutes. Something was up here.

Anywho, it’s not exactly what I wanted but it’s very close to what I wanted and it’s as good as it’s going to get! I retrieved some information about the Goddess Energy and how they pertain to the Event and included…

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