A Tool for Personal Empowerment

Infinite Shift

Not everyone sees the Tarot as I do, as a tool for personal empowerment and evolution. Chances are if you are attracted to this book, you resonate with this philosophy, and are intrigued by the subliminal, universal messages that seem to underlie the card images and titles. To me, the deck shows a system for understanding the underpinnings of duality, while it hints at the larger reality that lies underneath.

What I call the Higher Self or Spirit is not God, it is the larger part of you, the part that could not come wholly into this level of density, this material existence. The self-conscious is the ego/mental body that thinks (erroneously) that it has to be in charge. The subconscious is the emotional/physical body. These together form what I call “the divine triad” of the enlightened individual.

Most of us are not able to overcome the ego; however we…

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