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What If All Were Perfect Already? By Suzanne Spooner

What if every single person on the planet was on track with their purpose? And what if that meant that the challenges, inequality, unfairness was a way for us to have a learning experience that propelled our souls forward? Entertain the possibility that those who you think are not doing the right thing could be helping you to speak your truth or take a stand.

Imagine that every person is exactly where they need to be, to learn what they came here to do, in this one moment. If you were to take the filter off of trying to figure out this crazy world and focus on yourself, how would it effect others around you? If you were mindful, relaxed, practiced compassion, forgiveness and staying heart-centered with each decision would your energy deplete? I think not. I bet it would increase. We spend too much time giving our energy away based on fear, worry or lack.

There are those who feel the calling to create change. But that change can look positive to one and negative to another. Some of my friends call themselves spiritual warriors. They are passionate to right a wrong, to take a stand and voice their thoughts in opposition to the societal norm. I say good for them! I have no doubt they are doing what their soul is guiding them to do so that they learn what they need.

There are politicians making amazing (or crazy, depending on your point of view) decisions. The radical departure we are watching unfold in our governments is also shaking us up to look at everything differently. That is a great gift!! We cannot evolve if we stay the same. We need the movers and shakers to shift the status quo.

Some need to REALLY experience fear. They promote it, encourage it and tempt us to take the ride with them. They are great teachers of disempowerment .

I am a geek lover. Show me the waiter that LOVES his job, the physicist that is passionate about her work, the stay at home dad that would have it no other way. These are the people I can spend hours with. Many are my best friends. Finding and experiencing your passion creates a happy life.

Duality is an unexpected teacher. I choose to elevate my experience and share with others what I can. Perhaps it helps another to see the beauty in tragedy, the balance in craziness and the stability in just Being. When we look at others as if they are exactly on track for their own soul experience we take away the need to judge, fix or correct them. If we lead by example and work from love all raise together, on their own wave, at the precise perfect moment for all. I celebrate your perfection. 

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