Sacred Geometry of Love – Gail Swanson – The Heart of Love

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Sacred Geometry of Love

July 9, 2017

IMG_0028 - Version 2.jpgI have been taking these cosmic photographs for quite some time now. Today for the first time I brought out my crystal bowls to play to see if there would be any difference in the photos. There was. First I played one bowl and then took some pictures. They were so amazing I got my husband to play two bowls while I took more pictures.

Here is the message I received.


The power within is mightier than you can imagine. Thoughts have a vibration and a power that can harm or save. As the outer becomes more chaotic and nonsensical the inner should blossom as never before. Rise to the occasion. Lift and illuminate. Leave behind the old and worn and bring forth that which shall no longer remain hidden.

All is magnified. All…

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