The Solarized Mind – William Meader @ Emergent Light

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There are those who believe that the mind is an obstacle when walking the Path. They proclaim that the mind is the “slayer of the real” and that it must be put aside so that the soul can be more fully realized and lived. Such beliefs assume that the rational tendencies of the mind deflect one from realizing the deeper truths of life. Yet essentially this is only a half-truth, for the mind is also recognized as the “Revealer of the Real.”

Essentially, the mind is dualistic, for there is both a higher and lower dimension to it. Indeed, the soul itself is a great agency of mind, and is often called the higher mind. Through the revelatory insights generated by the soul, each of us is gradually guided toward the gate of enlightenment. It is true that, at times, the lower mind (mind of the…

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