The Possibility of Co~Creation ~ July 6, 2017


By Sophie Gregoire, 07/06/2017

Reaching a dreamed goal or destination by the joint power of intention and guided action. 

Co-creation feels the energy of what She wants as if it was already there – and asks to be shown the way to Receive. 

We can bask in the energy of something we long for, be in it, visualize it, embody it — feel its comfort and warmth within, without having it physically in the now.

This can be something specific or not — an open intention to receive the best for what’s next, based on what we know that matters. 

Co-creation asks for a new piece on the path, a newness she longs for but which she doesn’t know about, before relaxing in the knowing of it will be and therefore letting go of the details to a greater intelligence of life. 

When we’re on that process ideas may come…

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