The Sound of Oneness, Sound of Creation!

Empower and Balance

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Photo by Katelon T. Jeffereys

I wanted to share an amazing experience I had on June 8th. First I’ll share what led up to it, so please read to the end 🙂

I haven’t written about it sooner, or written any posts, because in the last several weeks, and months, I’ve been under so many attacks by the dark Galactic Forces, and other dark beings, that it was too dangerous to do so.  My health had gotten very precarious.  As long time readers know, I’ve been fighting this original dark, the Dark Galactic Forces,  since its inception millions and millions of years ago and they are not a fan of me 🙂  My spiritual work partner, John Ross, and I, have received word that they are finally neutralized, so now I can share my awesome experience.  John has written a post  about the dark Galactic Force and the link to…

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  2. katelon Says:

    Oh, thank you much.

  3. dreamweaver333 Says:

    Thank you Katelon. An inspiring and encouraging post. Gratitude.

  4. katelon Says:

    Thanks for Re blogging my post. I’m glad you liked it!

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