We Chose To Forget In Order To Re-Member

Found at Blue Dragon Journal

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Raphael Awen

We chose the veil. We chose to forget.

But why would we do such a thing? The answer to that question is something that is now coming clearer and clearer in our dawning awareness.

What we are coming to realize now is not only the fact that we chose to forget, but even more importantly is that we knew that the process of re-MEMBERing would be something hugely MORE for us, something MORE for the universe, something MORE for the infinite love that we actually are. This ‘greater glory’ was so apparent for us, that even the giving up of our present glory and entering a path of suffering was something we were willing and ready to chose. Only a powerful being fully in charge of their will and sanity could and would make such a choice.

Each and every one of us are being ‘re-membered’ back…

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