Energy Report Update ~ Earth Size Sunspot, M Solar Flare, Gamma Energies ~ June 28, 2017

Rose Rambles...

By Tiffany Stiles, 06/27/2017

A sunspot has developed on the sun. The sunspot itself is the size of planet Earth! It’s massive! It is directly facing Earth, and it is spewing beta-gamma energy frequencies towards the planet now. This could result in an M Class Solar Flare, but even if it doesn’t the gamma frequencies are still being felt by the energy sensitives.

* Headaches

* Floaty – feeling ungrounded

* Visions (Clairvoyance)

* Downloads~ high pitched ear ringing (Clairaudience)

* High energy – then long periods of rest.

* Creativity and creative expression heightened.

* Third Eye throbbing

* Crown Chakra tingling/tightness

* Body Aches as the body detoxes toxic emotions and environmental toxins.

* Emotions all over the place as densities rise up for clearing, healing, releasing.

* Higher perspectives are gained through introspection.

* Heart palpitations can be felt as the heart’s electromagnetic field expands into…

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