Kp Note 6-26-17… “About posting stuff from now on”

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I may very likely be sharing less and less about this and that going on in the “cabal / NWO / ‘all the crappifiers’ going down the tubes” realm. It’s maybe like the demolition of a building. I just do not feel very drawn to pointing out which girder is falling now, which brick is landing where, and whose heads are they falling on, and which of those girders, bricks, etc., are going to jail.

Not too much interest there.

And personally, I’m headed into viewing and participating in, more and more, the Higher Realms into which we are headed, and DOing what needs to be done, and BEing what needs to be BE’ed.

Anyway, if that means anything to anyone, so be it.

Aloha, Kp

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