Forming Interconnected Grids Of Love

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen with Metatron

earth light grid

Imagine living in DEEP connection and WITH/NEAR BEloveds who resonate with you on so many levels, whether with one or with many. Feel how it would be to connect to conscious commUNITY together for which every soul is an “I” yet also part of the whole. Breathe in this sense of being seen, felt, responded to, nothing to hide, BEing truly yourself and authentic WITH others in every moment.

Our souls KNOW this is possible as we have BEEN in this unified consciousness more than the 3D one. As we integrate and access our karma experiences from other lifetimes, our soul frequency aligns to the Divine vibration that LIVES in us all.

Our hearts FEEL this is possible as our desire for connection, intimacy, bonded-ness beats and pulses there. As we heal and integrate wounded aspects within our emotional body, our heart frequency aligns to…

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