Ascension Signs ~ Dragon Energy Upgrades ~ June 25, 2017


By Kim Hutchinson,
Guest writer,

Ascension messages are flowing in daily. The following two messages were received this week. One came from the clouds; the other, from a dream. The messages are clear: something big is happening. Can you feel the excitement?

Dragon Energy Upgrades

On Tuesday, I was in my backyard getting my daily dose of vitamin Sun. I was dreamily gazing up at the blue sky, peppered with fluffy white clouds, when I spotted the face of a dragon. Shortly thereafter, a second one materialized; then, a third dragon manifested. More kept popping up. Everywhere I looked, dragons were looking back at me.

While I find dragons fascinating, I’m not in a habit of seeing them, nor do I have an affiliation with them; so, I knew I didn’t conjure up these images.

I decided to share my experience on Facebook. I received comments and private messages…

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