The Team via Peggy Black ~ Quantum Consciousness ~ June 20, 2017


By Peggy Black, 06/20/2017

June 20, 2017

We are here to remind as well as encourage you to step into your unlimited possibilities. Who you are in your physical form certainly knows and understands limitations, however we are addressing your divine self now, the energetic aspect that animates the physical body and continues to trigger your personal awareness and activate your quantum consciousness.

The times in which you are living serve to shift your understanding. Galactic inputs, solar flares and the increased resonance of frequency and vibration of your planet earth are stimulating this leap in consciousness.

These increased frequencies are quickening and initiating expanded consciousness not only in humans but in all living creatures. There is a subtle yet significant shift in consciousness taking place throughout the animal kingdom. The shift in frequencies is affecting all and is driving the evolution of all sentient beings. Deep purifications are occurring…

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