Kp Message 6-12-17… “Sometimes I feel I’m just DONE with it!”

Kauilapele's Blog

This Kp blog is just that… the Kp blog. This “thing” called “Kp” “gets” what to post here, and posts it. So….

…after a time of seeing all these things being unveiled, seeing the unveilers being watched and questioned, seeing the George Webb “follow the HRC ratlines”, Trump does this, does that, CNN fakes this story, fakes another one, the complexities of how this planetary matrix has been formed and what it’s all made of, and how it’s all being exposed and coming apart, posting this and posting that and posting once again, and following this and following that and then there’s a Poof and a Sheldan and a few others saying the same old same old (it seems)…

…that is a time when I feel I am just DONE with it. DONE with the following, the reading, the watching videos of all the stuff (crap?) going on “out there”…

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