Your Body as the Energy of Divine Consciousness ~ June 11, 2017

This is pretty neat! I was conversing with a spiritual friend (who also happens to be a scientist) about vibrations, and how they affect EVERYTHING.  Well, he started thinking and reading, and has come up with an idea I really like that ties in the beauty and value of meditation with self-healing.

Now…how does that happen? Please read this article below, try this out for yourself, be amazed by results when your consciousness is tapped, and…


Our Vibrating Bodies

Your body is not the real you. It is merely a projection of what you
believe yourself to be through the energy of Divine Consciousness.

I had a few thoughts the other day after reading a small article regarding our consciousness and how it affects our bodies.  This article generated additional thoughts, that were consistent and relevant to those expressed in the Video, “It Happens Within” by Sophia and myself…..Read more