The Wisdom of Reflection – Caroline Myss @ CMED


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The Wisdom of Reflection

Essential Life Wisdom Part Five

One of the habits that I have developed as a result of writing an (almost) monthly Salon is that I am constantly listening to and observing the world around me, because it is my source of inspiration. People and their ideas, comments, or concerns become warehoused in my mind. Eventually – I hope – some of the thoughts find each other, generating the alchemy for an interesting Salon. Sometimes articles form slowly, but other times an inspiration downloads, so to speak, because of what a person says or the way he or she says it. That experience happened to me the other day during a luncheon with two individuals visiting family in the Chicago area for the holidays.

The psychic background: Now, by psychic background, I don’t mean “to do a reading” psychic. I am referring to the…

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