Energy Update ~ Karmic Ripple Ahead! ~ June 9, 2017


By Jona Bryndis

The entire month of June will force us to clear KARMIC PATTERNS (collective karma & karmic relationships included – see articles below), especially around this week’s Full Moon on the 6/9/17. Most people have an idea of what Karma means, but usually contextualize it as something bad or negative. This notion has been implanted into us through our Collective. Karma is neither good nor bad – it just is. However, there are several aspects that play into karmic patterns showing and playing out in our life, that we don’t necessary see as karma, but as good or bad luck – something we cannot change. This is probably the most healing part of contextualizing our journey, as we can find many answers if we can allow ourselves to make connections!

As for the overview of coming collective energies I really hate to be the doomsayer, but CHAOTIC ENERGIES…

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