Being the Observer – Kara Schallock

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Being the Observer – 10-Jun-2017

Much Light is flowing into us and into Gaia. It reaches deeply into our chakras and DNA; it expands our consciousness; our Divinity-knowing. It weaves through our entire being and helps us be more of the new ones we’ve been intending to be. This may feel may a little strange, like you landed in a new place and you have no bearing or familiarity; like it’s completely new; and well, it is! Rest and meditate. Grounding outside, especially barefoot, greatly helps as does drinking lots of pure water and listening to what your body wants for you. As you move more completely from the old world, you may feel restless, for the doing that you have been so used to, doesn’t seem so urgent now. This Light is greatly helpful in dissolving long-held patterns and limitations. There are more and more synchronicities that may seem…

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