Journal Entry 06.09.2017 – Bits & Pieces

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Journal Entry 06.09.2017 – Bits and Pieces

This journal entry is a departure from my usual travelogue and contains references to alien cultures, etc.  If you the reader are put off by this kind of information, feel free to stop reading now!

The rainy season is proving to be a wet one… ironically, since Florida has been in a drought for a couple of years.  Last Tuesday was a hellva of storm, lightning sparking and thunder pounding.  It rained nearly all day without respite.  And the night was filled with bolts of white lightning zinging around the rooftops of Delray Beach.  The next few days have been relatively quiet, with a few quick afternoon thunderstorms.  All the local ponds have come up quite a bit, as nearby Miami has received over 10″ of rain, way over the normal 2.5″ for June.


I got out for a walk today, visiting my…

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