KRYON – World Is Going Down 2017 ~ June 3, 2017


What the heck? What is Kryon saying? Kryon gives some detailed information about how the mental human thinks, and then goes into how the “innate” brain functions (you can learn more about you and your innate “knowledge” through muscle testing).

Your mind needs to learn how to listen to the Innate (and we ALL have our innate selves) in order to experience life as we truly seek it. Yes, the current 3D world IS coming down as more and more of humanity learns to listen their innate, intuitive self that communicates through EMOTION.

So…take some time to meditate and get to know yourself, learn how it is that you can communicate with your own innate self, and…


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4 Responses to “KRYON – World Is Going Down 2017 ~ June 3, 2017”

  1. dreamweaver333 Says:

    Thank you. That is wonderful news. Healing is happening.

  2. Lori D. Marchell Carlsen Says:

    I have a very close friend, Dr. Cindy Gale, who had dedicated the last seven years of her life as a karma clearing transitional coach who has assisted countless 100 of people on applying the teachings of Kryon.

  3. dreamweaver333 Says:

    Thank you. Glad you enjoy Kryon. His messages are very helpful for me as well.

  4. Lori D. Marchell Carlsen Says:

    I and a very close friend have been following Kryon for years.

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