A Tale of Two Earths and Two Realities

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Sometimes we receive information from the Universe or Spirit that for whatever reason we just don’t feel entirely confident posting. This information may come from dreams, inspiration, synchronicity, or spontaneous nonlinear downloads. It doesn’t always come prepackaged, ready to distribute to the world, with footnotes and sources.

As a writer, I am hesitant to publish personal material that I would describe as channeled information, because I do not consider myself a channeler.  And yet I am often faced with this particular situation, the decision to publish information that my ego-mind remains uncertain about, even if my spirit strongly resonates with it. It’s a trust issue, one of many that we are each still working on, healing our core issue, Separation from Source, as expressed so nicely below.

When it comes to channeling spiritual information, I have instead written it in the form of metaphysical fiction and published it as novels. The information below is related to some of the information…

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