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The Ceremony part of this video had my voice “washed out” by the wind. However, I really feel that in this case Ka Leo Makani (Voice of the Wind) wanted to be heard. Basically, here’s the deal…

The ceremony represented a connecting of Ascension Energies among Joshua Tree, the Pacific Ocean, and Kīlauea.

Just prior to the ceremony, a clearing smoke was generated from dry leaf, by magnifying the Sun. The leaf was cast into Kīlauea. That was not shown in the video.

The dark colored glass plate, obtained at Joshua Tree CITD (vendor, Jamie Burress-Kovacs), was placed at Kīlauea edge, topped with red lehua flower and stone from the ocean at Oceanside, to connect with Pacific ocean water energy. Ceremony brought in the lehua red fire energy for “firing” the new paradigm for planet Earth.

Successful completion of the ceremony was signified by viewing a complete rainbow…

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