Soul Retrieval, Healing Shamanically

Shamanic Alchemy


Like other spiritual modalities, shamanic healing should not be considered as a ‘quick fix.’ In ordinary reality, in our world, things require time to change. And change can happen if we allow it. It may sound paradoxical, however – how can we possibly heal ourselves if the doors of our hearts are closed? In our modern and frantic lifestyle we experience high levels of disconnection. Who is fully in their bodies? It is this defragmentation of the self that creates disharmony. And if we are not in harmony, how can we create a better life? Everything that is around us is a reflection of our internal state of being. As it is within, so it is without.

Shamanic healing helps restore harmony within, and from a place of wholeness we can create better lives. Even on a global level we can see how our disconnection creates disharmony all around. We…

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