Victurus Libertas 5-16-17… “Did Trump “Accidentally” Save The World?”

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As I viewed the last VL posting, this one “popped up” on the side of their page, and I got that I was to post it here. This came out just before I was leaving for CITD, so I was ignoring pretty much all of these things. But I feel it adds more to the total picture of the “3D exposure/disclosure” that is happening right now. And if people continue to push the “Trump is the devil” meme, this type of data should continue to help dissolve it.

“Tom: The news is exploding that Trump shared intel with Russians from an “ally” in the middle east and the ally is very upset.

“[Answer]: The “ally” not being named is Israel, and they are mad as hell at Trump… furious because they got caught with their pants down…

“Isis was created by Israel and the US to weaken…

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