Cosmic DIPs (Dis-Information Programs) seem to be out in full… Solution: address it and move on (comes with a free dose of Jordan videos)

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Single DIP, double DIP, triple DIP… Have we gone beyond the triple DIP?

This is going to be short. Two videos by Jordan that address some of what’s going on.

Overall, all EXPOSURE is breaking loose… meaning the ones trying to disaffect those bringing forward the elements related to disclosure (3D, 4D, Cosmic, etc.) are being “attacked”. As a result, the “attackers” are exposing themselves, and they, like all other adversaries, dissolve in their perceived power, and fade from view (eventually).

Links of interest: Link 1, also link 2, and
link 3. Link 1 and 2 contain a list of links of “those who have come out in opposition (presenting their data) to CG, DW”, etc., etc., etc..

Just remember that Corey mentioned this in this recent post (Kp blog post).

“I was… told that nearly every [TPTB] asset in the UFO Community has been…

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