Instant Continual Alignments Continue to Increase our CapAbilities ~ May 28, 2017


Aloha LOVE family,

Are you seeing how easy and supportive these higher timelines are? Are you seeing how much depends on your energy/programming here? Are you focusing your energy on what’s truly important and choosing the multitude of timelines always available now? Are you honoring your body and expanding your mind to see the possibilities available and alllll of the exquisite opportunities too? 

These higher timelines are of simplicity, ease and maintaining fluidity and flow. Identify the obstacles, bottlenecks, that which complicates and move through each reality by dissolving and “dealing with” anything not fully in-alignment with your NEW HIGHER STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS….. as LOVE and from a place of UNITY.

Identify what represents your own separation or that which you no longer desire. Your own Mastery means that you are holding the highest of all in place and allowing your realities to re-align. Any cellular cleansing occur so that…

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