10 Inspiring Messages from a Channelled Spirit ~ May 25, 2017


By Tanaaz

One of the most prominent spiritual authors is Esther Hicks. Esther has the ability to channel a collection of higher beings which she refers to as Abraham.

Abraham is essentially a “group consciousness form the non-physical dimension” which channels or speaks through Esther to deliver messages from higher realms.

Esther has written numerous books, appeared in many interviews and conducts talks all over the world delivering Abraham’s messages.

Unlike what you see in the movies, when Esther is channeling or downloading messages, her eyes don’t roll back in her head. Instead there is simply a subtle change in her voice and in her hand movements.

There are many ways you can “channel” spirits or other entities. In interviews, many people have asked Esther how she receives information from Abraham, and she has described it not as channelling per se, but as simply allowing herself to tap…

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