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Amaterasu Sun Goddess by Toni Carmine Salerno Amaterasu Sun Goddess by Toni Carmine Salerno



We certainly have made a huge leap forward in the last several weeks and this continues; feel it? Life is not as it has been. It’s completely different. We have been releasing a lot and continue to do so. What helps is to embody completely Soul. Soul is the truest and most perfect you. I use the word “perfect” not in the old way, which indicates there is no more growth. I use “perfect” to indicate evolution in each Moment, aligned with Souls’ Wisdom. It is also fascinating to observe (without judgment) others who seem to not embrace the New. It seems they cannot disengage from the chaos and drama in their lives. This is not saying I or we are better than others; just different. We observe, as we maintain our own Authenticity. This can push others’ buttons…

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