Hillory Skott: Weekly Forecast + Podcast for May 22-28, 2017

Forever Unlimited

Weekly Forecast for  May 22-28 2017
~ contributed by Hillory Skott

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The Moon is New in clever Gemini – it’s time again to begin again.
Conversations will be notable. Pluto brings up what’s hidden for
resolution. Mars opposes Saturn. This is tricky territory – informative
and productive, but tricky. Set clear intentions and be ready to talk
it out. We can’t just coast along forever refusing to face the dark stuff.
It has to be felt to be understood and then transformed. Squeeze the
coal to get *create* the diamond. The coal finds the pressure
uncomfortable, but sure feels good about being a diamond on the
other side of it all.

The Gemini New moon is on Thursday at 12:44 pm PST.
Gemini is a pro at handling the information age. It is ruled
by Mercury, ruler of communications. Our world of
communication is moving…

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