AUTUMN SHELLEY: “5 Ways To Fuel Your Ascension”

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The fastest way to light up your Ascension path is to understand, accept and embrace a few ideas about Truth.

1. It’s not a Destination

As we wake up, we begin to realize that everyone is on a path. Just as there are many ways to reach a destination, there is a multitude of roads leading to Truth. It doesn’t mean someone else is wrong, it doesn’t mean they are ‘lost’. It does mean they took a different route to get here. As we move closer to our collective Truth, we begin to recognize that it is comprised of innumerable individual Truths.

2. Truth is Ever-Changing

Merriam-Webster defines Truth as a “transcendent or fundamental spiritual reality”. This does not mean it is static or rigid. In fact, quite the opposite. In its purest form, many would argue that Truth is in fact, fluid and ever-changing. Once we accept that any Truth…

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