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Living Daily the Multidimensionality of Ascension

Georgi Stankov, May 2, 2017

“And this is what happened to us on Sunday after I confirmed to Dominique that his idea is excellent and I will re-publish my article from 2013 on the multidimensional model of ascension and will refresh it eventually with some new insights which I have gained in the meantime from our constant bilocations to various timelines.

It was so bizarre and surreal that we still cannot wrap up our minds around our experience yesterday. Carla and I went early in the morning for a hike in the mountains. We drove to Squamish, a place half-way to Whistler, the Olympic village, in the mountains. We drove from the highway onto a side road and ended up in front of a big automatic gate that barred the road. There was a plate on it with red letters – “Do Not Enter”. Carla was surprised as normally you do not find such fences and signs in Canada and said: “I would love to see what’s behind that fence!”  She had her hunch. We assumed it was an old quarry.

On the left side was a creek and we stopped the car on the dirt shoulder on the right side, a few meters away from the fence barring the road. While we were exploring the creek, all of a sudden an old and very decrepit car came from the quarry and stopped in front of the closing gate. It was a jeep model probably from the 50s, or even earlier, with a very weak motor as one sees only in WW2 movies. The guys in the car opened the gate by remote control and then they saw us and our car and stopped immediately after they had closed the gate and began watching us suspiciously. They were obviously very much surprised. The whole scene seemed very surreal and reminded me of my time under communism when the whole country was one big prison. I have an excellent feel for situations and collective sentiments floating in the air.

Now I must say at this place that before we left the house Carla was considering what to wear as the weather was unstable. She put on a red hoodie which I liked but then the Elohim told her to change it and use another dark blue hoodie. She sensed somehow a lot of anxiety while preparing for the trip and could not explain it, but decided to change to the dark blue hoodie.  On the way to Squamish through Downtown Vancouver we crossed a lot of timelines and the weather improved quickly with the sun shining with beautiful glistening light over English Bay. When we arrived in Squamish, about 80 km away from Vancouver the weather deteriorated significantly again and it began to rain.

Anyway back to the “scene of the crime” as they say in thrillers. These weird people in the old car watched us with great care and surprise for about five minutes, probably also seeing our new car, which is actually six years old but still looks quite good and not knowing what to think. Here I must mention that in Canada all cars are rather new, so that it was very unusual to see such an old car all of a sudden, coming from nowhere – from a closed area in the mountains where nobody dwells. We pretended not to pay attention to them while exploring the creek but watching them carefully from the angle of our eyes. I knew there was something very strange in the air and around these people and their antique car that reminded me immediately of my past dangerous life as dissident in Bulgaria.

After five minutes observation the old car slowly moved, and disappeared down the road. Everything around looked very old and shabby all of a sudden – the abandoned gravel pit on the right side of the road with a few shacks – as if we had returned back in time, in the early 50s or even earlier and we had entered a veritable Orwellian world. This notwithstanding the beautiful nature around us which transformed into an ominous backdrop under the constant rain and leaden sky.

We then moved the car a hundred meters back on the road and parked it there on a small parking lot in order to go down to the river bed. We walked along the river shore when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, an old propeller airplane, a double-decker as we know them from WW2 movies, entered  like an apparition our space with a terrifying machine noise on top of our heads that desecrated the peaceful silence and disappeared after a few seconds in the clouds. We were so startled by that and began to comment whether we have changed timelines and are now on a much lower timeline.

While we were discussing this possibility we heard loud salvos of automatic machine guns coming from the direction of this alleged quarry and echoing in the valley. These shootings continued with short pauses for at least 10 minutes and I told Carla that it felt very much as if it was WW3. At the beginning we thought that this might be hunters but these were not hunting rifles. As I had a Kalashnikov during my military service, and was also an excellent radio operator in morse code I knew immediately that these salvos came from automatic machine guns as I could count 6-8 shots in each salvo, notwithstanding the echo that duplicated the shots.

After one hour sojourn at that place we drove back on side roads through native land with very old and almost torn down houses, past abandoned factories with a lot of rusting scrap metal in their lots, up to the end of the inlet from the Ocean which is actually a beautiful place surrounded by gorgeous mountains with steep slopes and giant waterfalls that glide majestically into the clear water of the bay. However this time the landscape was unusually cold and inhospitable, there was a strong cold wind that made us freeze. The rain became heavier and I told Carla that it reminds me of a prison landscape or planet, notwithstanding the beauty of the nature. We both felt rather uncomfortable and decided to go back home earlier than planned. The rain did not stop pouring, the clouds were leaden, the wind gusts became more powerful –  it was a terrible weather indeed.

After ten minutes drive on the highway back to Vancouver, we were again in a completely new landscape – the sun was shining, the clouds disappeared as if with a magic wand and the weather was warm and friendly again. I have no idea how many timelines we crossed in these few moments but this is what happens all the time when we drive around.

The last time we drove from Vancouver back home and rapidly changed timelines the GPS in the car did not function and the street map on the monitor was displaced at about 50-60 degrees, which had never happened before. The arrow pointing at our position was on another street parallel to the one we drove and showed as if we were moving in the wrong direction. Carla thought at first that the electronics in the car were not functioning. After we crossed the bridge over the Fraser river and we changed the timeline again the GPS adjusted all of a sudden and everything was as it should have been. I explained to Carla that we were in a kind of magnetic anomaly while crossing the timelines and that is why the GPS could not locate properly our position. At that moment of confusion, as always, the Elohim immediately came and confirmed my explanation.

On the way back to Vancouver we fully realized that we had entered a very low timeline, actually numerous timelines to disseminate special codes, what we regularly do when we rarely make a trip. Carla was asked to wear her silver medallion which had been imbued with the codes of the central sun two years ago by Vesta and Helios at the Infinity Portal in White Rock. As the silver had become very dark we decided that it should also be polished for this journey, which I did with a special silver cloth until it began to shine again. These were the codes we disseminated on Sunday on numerous timelines, this we knew from the very beginning. But we were not prepared to enter physically and in full consciousness such a dreadful Orwellian world in the midst of the beautiful Canadian landscape.

Back home we continued pondering on our experience and the Elohim came to us and told us that this was not a past timeline, as we initially surmised based on the old car we saw, but a parallel timeline in 2017, where the second world war has ended differently and a true Orwellian order was established in the west.” Read more

Living Daily the Multidimensionality of Ascension

Source: Living Daily the Multidimensionality of Ascension » Stankov’s Universal Law Press

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