Sundeelia: More Reflections on a Walk-in Life

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Sundeelia:  More Reflections on a Walk-in Life

Well, I’ve been “here” for just over a month now, as a walk-in soul, having replaced the original soul essence who lived within this body vehicle, the one called Tazjma Kumara VaCoupe… who happens to be my Pleiadian elder sister.  I will say that I’m fortunate to have nearby another sister, to whom I can talk to about home.  She also can “channel” various members of the Family, who pop in for a chat now and then depending on the circumstances.

This new life is rather different than my busy life on board a mothership, The White Winds.  Since there is only 10% of my soul essence actually present on Earth, I am still able to pursue my duties as a Line Commander with ease.  And if anything were to happen to the Earth vessel, that 10% would be drawn back up quickly.

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