Journal Entry 05.17.2017 – Okeeheelee Park

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Journal Entry 05.17.2017 – Okeeheelee County Park, Palm Beach, Florida

Another week, another adventure.  The day started out with my intention of finding the Wellington Environmental Center, but I got put off by a dusty dirt road with huge dump trucks roaring down it towards me.  The Center is located on the western edge of Wellington and on the verge of “civilization”, at least what passes for it in South Florida.  I usually have an alternative in mind before setting out, so I ended up at Okeeheelee County Park, off of Forest Hill Blvd. in Palm Beach, Florida.


This park is divided into south and northern units, divided in half by Forest Hill, a super busy right-away that takes carries vehicles east and west between Wellington and Palm Beach, etc.  Once you know the main streets in this area, it is fairly easy to get around, but the traffic is…

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