Wesak Festival Full Moon Blessings


Lord Gautama Buddha is one of the many Ascended Masters with whom I have a great affinity. For this reason, I look forward to channeling and dispensing his blessings on every Vesak Full Moon.

Widely regarded as the perfect expression of the wisdom aspect of God and the full embodiment of compassion, Lord Gautama Buddha holds the spiritual leadership role as the “Planetary Logos” on the spiritual hierarchy, responsible for the evolution of all sentient beings on earth.

Vesak, occurring on the full moon of May,  is celebrated by the Buddhist communities to honour three significant events during Lord Buddha’s incarnation: his birth as Prince Sidhartha, attainment of enlightenment, and departure from his physical body (death). On this day, an esoteric event takes place on the inner plane along with the Vesak celebrations on earth. This is known as the Wesak Festival with the following spiritual significance:

  • As a channel…

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