Kp Radio Hawaii 5-11-17… “Endgame, Anyone??”

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Talked about (among other things):

  • Very high energy show, was this one…!!
  • Much of what was covered relates to this Kp blog post.
  • We are in the Endgame!
  • Old systems are falling apart.
  • Message that we must LET GO!!
  • Trump is part only part of this. An important part. And he’s not perfect. But essential. We are each essential.
  • This is only one step of the process. of Ascension.
  • Rising in vibration, this Cosmos is, and we must rise along with it.
  • Enjoy the ride…!!
  • Music: Kaulana Na Pua video (Makaha Sons), lyrics (written by Ellen Kehoʻohiwaokalani Wright Prendergast, Jan. 1893. “…this himeni opposed the annexation of Hawaiʻi to the United States”). Kaulana nā pua aʻo Hawaiʻi, Kūpaʻa ma hope o ka ʻāina (Famous are the children of Hawai`i, Ever loyal to the land)

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