Energy Gateway ~ Christed Crystalline Stargate System Integration ~ May 9, 2017


By Lisa Brown

We awoke to StarGates activating and synchronizing and an UPGRADE to our StarGate Systems too! The actual StarGates are being gridded with Crystalline/Diamond Light Encodements, which is exquisite wow…..

These StarGate systems were “suppressed”, offline and defunct for so long (because that was our chosen human experience/experiment here). As Crystalline Gridkeepers & Gatekeepers we are continually working to upgrade/integrate/activate/hold and anchor more for all of us as ONE here. While we intentionally & continually vibrate higher to hold this immense light and these intricate encodements in our own Physical Body Templates/Forms and keep our fields Pure and Clear. This allows us to integrate faster and easier…. and to synchronize instantly as we do.  (Click Read More below) ↓

As Guardians, these StarGate Systems have been a huge part of our work here. It’s continual process that we activate as we live as Christed/God/Source/Creator BEings here. Our own…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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