The New You is About to Receive a New Mirror ~ May 3, 2017


By Sophie Gregoire, 05/03/2017

Outgrown soul contracts and karmic relationships are dissolving. In that case, New Mirrors are presented to reflect back to you the work you’ve done, the power and truth that you’ve become. 

The New You deserves a New Mirror – know that the Handover is happening behind the scenes. Trust that things are shifting, and this is for your Highest Good. 

Know that the following article doesn’t speak of romantic relationships, friendships or partnerships of any kinds but of those we call Soul Contracts, when two people cross path and share a relationship in order to gain and acquire wisdom and knowledge together.

“Karma shows itself in relationships. The people you meet, the expectations you have, the circumstances in which you relate, the kind of marriage or other association that you find yourself in are the ways you have chosen to grow and evolve into what you…

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