10 Key Tools for Successful Cosmic Zen Surfing.


When we ride waves of higher frequencies, enabling recalibration of our mind body soul system, we take control of our own evolution. Using the tools we have been taught, understanding when and how to use them, gives us a sense of balance, of belonging to a multi dimensional world. We can ride tidal waves of DNA upgrades safely, releasing karma, embracing love and realigning our energetic systems.

10 key tools for successful cosmic zen surfing.

1. Self care – recognising matrix poisons and clearing them from our diet, our mind and our spirit. Aspiring to moderation, to cleaner, simpler living.

2. Understanding we exist in the matrix, being kind to ourselves when we get pulled into dramas, toxins or lower vibrations. Forgiving ourselves.

3. Stepping into the energetic emotion of gratitude. Consciously releasing competitive, negative matrix ego programming by embracing gratitude.

4. Practising focused intentions and mantras daily to keep…

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