Spiritual Emergence or Emergency? – Basics Of Dealing With Spiritual Growth

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By jona bryndis, Apr 6 2017 05:00PM
Sudden irrational fear, sadness, anxiety or anger are amongst the most typical signs of inner change – but why do these emotions overwhelm us right when we are ready to move forward? Why is it so hard to outvibrate growing negativityRead more

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Reconciling With The Divine Masculine in Us ~ Making Peace With Masculine Energies ~ April 5, 2017

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By Jona Bryndis

When it comes to integrating our journey into our practical lives, we inevitably have to face some of our core aspects. Walking the talk means implementing, actualizing and living according to our higher vibrational values. If we don’t want our deeper insights to sound like esoteric platitudes or spiritual superiority, we cannot just do yoga, like men-buns and become a vegetarian. Embodying higher consciousness is about our inner attitude and sentiments and how congruently we can express them.

One of the biggest gap between general understanding and actualizing our spiritual awareness can be seen in the way we regard masculinity and femininity. Unity, compassion and deeper connection, the pillars of our understanding ourselves as souls with a body are often just empty words. Even the most ‘spiritual’ people have residues of unhealed disdain and mistrust towards the other gender. I am challenging you to reflect on your…

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As we shift – Heart Frequency ~ April 5, 2017

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Oh my, the world is truly a crazy place these days, however…we knew this was coming and  we know the final outcome, don’t we? This is a message from one of my favorite teachers, Sophia Love. She has the uncanny ability to grasp and  recognize concepts that these times are teaching humanity, and does so again with the message below.

Her major teachings have focused on the importance of how we learn Love, Personal Sovereignty, and perhaps our final lesson from Sophia will be that of…Forgiveness! Let’s think about this a tad…of what real value is love, self-love and development of your own sovereignty IF you cannot forgive?

Who needs to be forgiven? Well…everyone including YOU! I forgive myself for those traits within myself that I do NOT like. Does that mean I accept myself for how I AM? Well, yes because NO ONE does “me” like I do!

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Shift Symptoms ~ Going From a Carbon Base to Crystalline Silicon Body ~ April 3, 2017

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Posted by In5d, 04/03/2017

By Celia Fenn

from the Book, “The Diamond Codes : Light Information For The New Reality”   

Have you been wondering lately why you seem so tired – almost to the point of exhaustion, or feeling irritable, angry, lonely, sad, frustrated, or all of the above, and you can’t figure out why? Have you been asking yourself why you’re behaving in ways, or feeling things, that don’t seem to fit with who you know yourself to be, or that just don’t make any sense? Or wondering why the people in your life seem to be reacting differently to you? Either they’re more excited than ever to be with you, or the complete opposite, they’re picking fights with you or being upset with you for no apparent reason? Or perhaps in going through what you consider to be a normal day, at times you feel as if…

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You can put your mind in order . . .



“You can put your mind in order by focusing on one thing at a time.
You can put your environment in order by clearing out the old and useless things that are taking up space.
You can put your spirit in order by replacing fearful, doubtful, angry thoughts with thoughts about the grace of God.”

~ Iyanla Vanzant

Text & image credit: Iyanla Vanzant https://web.facebook.com/DrIyanlaVanzant/

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Evolving Higher – 02-Apr-2017 ~ April 2, 2017

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Kara from Soulstice Rising, offers us a LOT of good advice in this article, I found many good important points that are worth hearing again, and again, and again…

Please read, learn your path to true JOY, and…


Just because the Equinox has come and gone, according to man-made time, please remember that there is no time in the higher dimensions…thus, we are still being affected by this powerful energy. The Equinox is giving us a big push into the higher dimensions, as much as they are within us. They are helping us to separate from the 3D world of duality. The New is Soul-based; the old is ego-based. The New has nothing to do with old programs, beliefs or thoughts. It is fresh and we can’t take the old and expect to create the New from it. We have been shown where we are still attached to the…

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Energy Update ~ Resistance Leading to New Ascension Symptoms ~ April 4, 2017

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By Jona Bryndis

In general, collective energetic cycles we’ve been observing since last November are continuing:  correcting – integrating – self-reflecting – correcting… There really hasn’t been a lot of time to cool down and implement in between those wave-like correction phases, so most of us energetically sensitives, empaths and consciousness seekers find themselves like turning in circles. This particular coming week will feel like being BACK AT SQUARE ONE. This makes it a bit tough for me to write this report – I feel like a broken record…

I guess we will all have to ACCEPT that this entire year will feel like a Mary-Go-Round.

Last week was about FINDING A NEW PERSPECTIVE and SEEING THINGS IN A NEW LIGHT. This didn’t go all that easy for most of us, but what…

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Frequencies have Begun Separating – Jenny Schiltz

Source: Frequencies have Begun Separating – Jenny Schiltz

Pink Full Moon April 2017


Five days till our April pink full moon, a chance for fresh starts, new beginnings. The proximity of Jupiter heralds luck and positive potential. Quick manifestation keeps us on our toes. Great global changes are occurring behind the scandalous scenes of global politics.

The matrix is being decommissioned, layer by layer. Our insight and understanding will clear and sharpen as these shifts in the energetic cloak around planet earth take hold.

Capitalise on the energy of full moon cosmic wavelengths. Meditate love frequency. Connect, breathe, tune up your third eye for guidance. Power up heart, throat and solar plexus chakras for compassion, confidence and core strength.

We are entering a period of intense recalibration, this will last several months. Prepare by learning to listen to your body, what does it need, want, to be healthy? Connect to it, see it as an integral part of you, use kind language when…

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LISA TRANSCENDANCE BROWN – Plasma Crystalline LightBodies Linking Up to a Field of Super Consciousness as Crystals Form & Upgrade in Cycles That Effect How You Function In A Whole NEW Way – 3-30-17

Higher Density Blog

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Ascension with Mother Earth and Current State of Affairs: Whaling Fleet Returns to Japan After Slaughtering 300 Whales in Antarctica for ‘Science’

Whaling Fleet Returns to Japan After Slaughtering 300 Whales in Antarctica for ‘Science’

Defying international condemnation, a Tokyo-backed program has recently completed its massive hunt in the Antarctic ocean, killing over 300 minke whales.   Read more

The whaling fleet composed of five Japanese ships docked back to Shimonoseki port on Friday after completing the annual slaughter which began in November, The Guardian reports.

Source: Ascension with Mother Earth and Current State of Affairs: Whaling Fleet Returns to Japan After Slaughtering 300 Whales in Antarctica for ‘Science’

Ascension with Mother Earth and Current State of Affairs: Simon Parkes Blog and Radio Show Update – Possible Arrest of Obama – April 3, 2017

Courtesy of Ascension with Mother Earth

Source: Ascension with Mother Earth and Current State of Affairs: Simon Parkes Blog and Radio Show Update – Possible Arrest of Obama – April 3, 2017

The Energies of April 2017 ~ Transfiguration and Cosmic Initiation ~ March 30, 2017

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By Natalia Alba, 03/30/2017

Beloved Ones,

Dwelling in the illuminated ethereal realms of Pisces during March, has been magical and revealing, but it was also intense, for we are still feeling the energies from the Eclipses and the deep inner/physical cleansing that we continue to experience. This new month of April, especially reigned by its “retrograde” energies, is an invitation to move inward before fully anchoring our soul desires – and creations – in the physical – rejuvenating ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally. For we are not going to create anything authentic unless we are pure, ourselves.  

We are now under the reign of the Fire element, and as our Sun is also very active, both Forces are helping us to burn all the old and rebirth into the light that we always have been and that was dimmed by the many illusions of our lower self. As some…

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” The Pace Quickens ” ~ March 30, 2017

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Dearest Hearts,

First, my deepest and most sincere love to you strong, powerful, loving beings that do not give up on yourself as you continue to work so diligently to carve out a more enlightened, more honest depiction of life and your relationship to it.

Certainly the month of March didn’t give us a pass to relax. The prices and prizes of evolution became more distinctively clear.

From the salt of the earth, to the star spangled skies, our souls, higher Self and every thing, thought, particle and being in between is consciously or unconsciously, and often piercingly, further helping each of us separate fact from fiction … either by contrast or harmony…to clarify and unify our truest nature and begin what may often appear as an unconventional new life.

In No Uncertain Terms

The pace and catalysts quicken this next month of April, punctuated by Easter and Passover. Ripe…

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Aloha! It seems like a major “shitstorm” is here…

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Aloha all! While I AM here visiting the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii, I AM reconnecting with Mother Earth and just really experiencing the spirituality of nature. Sometimes, for me, even though I live and work in the beautiful Columbia Gorge, it takes a change of location to refocus on the experience of nature, the JOY of nature!

So…I spend my days here just drinking in the beauty of this location, and then return to my iPad and iPhone in the evening (all of whom are capable of being monitored, or tapped into at any time) and read the day’s news. And what news this is!

We all know by now that the current government of the USA, inc. must fall, and falling it is! USA’s level of corruption is pretty high, in fact it may be the most corrupt government anywhere, and now that truth is coming out about…

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Recover the Dream ~ Venus Retrogrades Back Into Pisces!

Spiritual Warrior Path

We may have stepped into spring and are just on the heels of a fiery New Moon in Aries which is bound to spur you on, but you are also still circling back within this forward moving feeling to reconnect with the past in some way. This starts with recovering yourself, whether it’s to establish a stronger feeling of overall health as well as emotional strength or taking the time to uncover a full awareness of what holds ultimate value and meaning at this juncture of your journey.

This may also be a time when you want to heal unfinished business from your relationship past, any broken roads or connections of old where you seek forgiveness from others or in some cases where you simply need to forgive yourself.

You may often find yourself slipping into a dream state as you also look into the future with a vision of…

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Suzy Ward – Channeling Matthew Ward – April 2, 2017

Matthew Ward – April 2, 2017

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. We thank everyone who expressed appreciation for our explanation of ascension from this vantage point, and we want to share one reader’s delightful perspective:

“Ascension (to me) is like being the best that you can be….whatever that is!!! If you dance, be the best dancer. If you sing, be the best singer. If you garden, be the best gardener. If you paint, be the best painter. Be the best that you can be!!! By being the best that you can be you are restoring your soul (energy – inner chi life force) and raising your vibrational frequency… This little light of mine. I’m gonna let it shine!!!

“I think the main content that needs to be reiterated is, ‘Stop looking outside of yourself for answers. Go within!!!’ The answers are inside. Connect with your heart, which is a powerful, divine organ.”  Read more

Source: Suzy Ward – Channeling Matthew Ward – April 2, 2017

Societal Joy is Not Valid

Welcome to Brenda's Blog

Life Tapestry Creations - Blog Banner LTCLife Tapestry Creations - Brenda Black PhotoChanneled by Brenda Hoffman for http://www.LifeTapestryCreations.com

Summary of Brenda’s March 31, 2017, channeled 15-minute “Creation Energies” show athttp://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/brenda-hoffman: The world is undergoing the dark night of the soul. Perhaps you’re part of that process. You’ll know such is so if you’re mesmerized by the reported happenings. You’re now learning the difference between expediting because of fear versus an inner calling. Others of you might be experiencing the same type of shift in your personal life. Or floating above it all realizing your role is creation, not destruction. Your joy and inner-being will direct you to your role.

“Fear Mongers Lost the War” is the title of this week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly channeled blog for http://www.LifeTapestryCreations.com.

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

Even though you are aware that the current earth chaos is part of the structural destruction you have long…

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