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The New General Theory of Science of the Universal Law

“Further comments on the Earth’s rift which is actually a replacement of the old matrix with the new crystalline one:

After I wrote this response to Jerry, Carla began to receive preliminary information from the Elohim and then discussed it with me. Essentially the split of Gaia in two halves which we experienced on Wednesday, April 26th was the replacement of the old matrix with the new crystalline matrix of the new world. Here I need to specify a little bit.

We have the crystalline grid of Gaia which we are building since many years and constantly raise its frequencies. This grid is neutral in itself as it renders the energetic structure to create anything within it according to the primary ideas and feelings of humanity. It is the vital force of All-That-Is. Then we have the matrix of this planet as an incarnation reality which is the collective creation of all the people’s thoughts, beliefs, emotions, fears, prejudices, projections, etc.

The old Orion matrix was created to a vast extent on financial, pecuniary fears, beliefs, and a few inconsistent and contradictory ideas how to organize life and the economy based on the current fraudulent fiat currencies and corrupt, dysfunctional, debt-driven banking. This has been extensively discussed on this website. The matrix is, so to say, the software program used by every individual and humanity as a whole to create the reality according to their ideas and expectations. It is a collective dream that has turned into a nightmare on this planet. It is of course based on the crystalline grid as the underlying energetic structure that can enable the manifestation of any human dream or nightmare.

In order to create a new reality, the old matrix of the earth had to be dismantled, disintegrated first and the new matrix which has been in the making for many years had to be anchored in this reality. The replacement takes place from within, through energetic manifestation, while the old matrix crumbles in front of our eyes. In order this to happen humanity must reach a threshold of dissatisfaction with the current reality and its matrix. This happened on April 26th after the central sun is flooding earth and humanity with high frequency energies and powerful proton streams since many months and years. Since last year we have constantly big coronal holes in the sun that are portals for the central sun and keep its activity on a very high level. Other parameters such as the Schumann’s frequency also point to this high activity.

Before the old matrix could be abolished all dark energetic human patterns that pertained to it had to surge high and be processed and released through our expanded personal fields. After all we are the planetary ascension team. That is why we all felt so depressed and overwhelmed by the collective human fears the days prior to the replacement of the old matrix on April 26th.

In the meantime the vibration of Gaia and part of humanity (the ascending candidates of the three waves) have been raised so high in the course of the LBP that the old matrix, which is very low vibrating as it is built mainly around financial fears, can no longer function within the new crystalline grid and had to be replaced. Indeed, on April 26th humanity reached this threshold that allowed for the replacement of the old matrix with the new crystalline matrix of the emerging new 5D worlds to which we are now ascending. The reason for that is that sufficient number of people began to be dissatisfied with this reality, to see through the lies and inequalities, the fears that drive human behaviour, the atrocities and disastrous wars, etc. and simply said – at the ego-mind and the soul level – “Enough is enough. We want a better and more fair life, more joy, more meaningful existence, more love and harmony etc.” These are the aspirations we the PAT always carry with us when we express our dissatisfaction with this reality.

On April 26th finally this threshold was reached and a phase transition took place. The old matrix was dismantled and began immediately to dissolve and the new higher vibrating matrix was put into place. However, as we deal with a very sluggish 3D holographic model, it still takes some linear time till the old matrix fully vanishes from our sight and the new matrix, including the cities of light which we have already created, can manifest. It is important to stress that we, the PAT, have been the forerunners and the main creators of the new matrix since many years as we have rejected this reality long time ago and have always endeavoured to establish a new more light-filled world.” Read more

Source: Energy Report of the PAT – April 28, 2017 » Stankov’s Universal Law Press

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