Journal Entry 04.28.2017 – Wakodahatchee and Green Cay Wetlands

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Blue Dragon Journal


Journal Entry 04.28.2017 – Wakodahatchee & Green Cay Wetlands

The spring weather is warm and humid here.  I get a little wacky in the heat, but still managed to get out, once again, and go bird-watching, etc. at these amazing wetlands. Saw an assortment of birds, one rabbit and five gators (two babies).


And now onto Green Cay… where I saw five gators today!  And I HEARD an alligator.  It was loud and startling, kind of a grunting roar.


Well-fed and taking a long nap in the sun…


Above:  Baby alligator and, patient mother resting in the shade of the boardwalk within reach of her babies.

This was an excellent outing.  Mile for mile, these two wetlands provide photographers, tourists and the general public with a great taste of the wildlife that still thrives deep within the Everglades of South Florida.  The wetlands are free to the public and provide…

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