Competing Realities and Crisis Mode | Blue Dragon Journal

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Competing Realities and Crisis Mode


Yes, yes, yes… I see just this happening with those who cling to the old ways… the ways their parents did things. Outcomes are muddled.  For those who are willing to let go, strip down to the bare necessities and approach life with open mind, heart and arms, the Universe delivers. Thanks for reposting, Laura.

Laura Bruno’s Blog

I can’t reblog this post another time, but it wants to go up again: “El Mundo Bueno. Remember that no matter how dire things seem, the “Good Reality” remains available and infinitely, intimately close for those willing to reach for it. I mentioned on April 24th that yes, the energies have been very, very intense for many people. As I said to David tonight after another round of emails requesting sessions or reporting current challenges, “The Universe is turning up the heat, driving in the nail, tightening the screws.”  Read more

Source: Competing Realities and Crisis Mode | Blue Dragon Journal

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