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Another Lemuria Experience

April 26, 2017

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I had another Lemuria experience a few nights ago, friends.

I haven’t been feeling so well lately.  I’m currently working on healing what I believe to be a decades long issue of candida/fungus and so I started a treatment protocol about 10 days ago and I’m starting to feel the effects.  Mostly the biggest symptom being this drain, a new type of fatigue, where it feels like my energy force is being drained.  I’ve also been quite grumpy lately, and until this dream visit I had of Lemuria, I was feeling uninspired Spiritually and felt it was showing in my personal writings on this site.  And this was really bothering me. I figured my Higher Self and Source would guide me out of this if only I would accept and surrender, which I did.

The night of my experience, I went to bed about 2-3 hours earlier than normal.  I fell asleep quickly and, well, went to Lemuria (or wherever that place was when we were last High Vibe Light Bodies is).

And when I say I “went to” I mean I left my body and traveled.  This is a highly unusual experience for me.

I was still the same as I was in my previous vision of that lifetime only I was in a long robe, which confirms the phrase “you are a priestess” I have been hearing lately in my mind.  Now, I don’t know if I am to be one in this life, but I saw myself as one in this dream experience.  I was around a tree again, only this time I was giving harmonic tones to the soil.  I had a sudden impression I was to awaken this gift and start doing this around my house and neighborhood.  We all know our soils have been depleted over the years.  I was told this would help.

During this experience, I was seeking clarity.  The me “today” spoke with the me “then”.

“I don’t sing in this lifetime,” I said.  “How am I to do this?”  While I don’t sing, I can play just about any instrument you put in front of me, playing the piano since I was 4, so I have musical abilities, just not really the singing part (although I sound awesome in the shower).  I also had no idea what tones or notes to sing.  I was quite clueless.

I was told “Don’t worry.  All of those abilities are stored in your cells.  All of those memories are in the energetic imprint of your soul.”

Energetic imprint of my soul?  That was a new concept to me so I asked for more information.

Each soul has a unique energy code, so to speak.  The impression I received was that our Soul’s are like fingerprints.  Each being unique, with its basic shape and pattern never-changing.

I was also told that while we gather experience with each incarnation that we carry with us as Soul Energy Beings, the overall “behavior” if you will of our Soul’s never change.  I liked that.  It confirmed my whole distaste of the idea that our Soul’s are here to learn and grow and evolve.  It solidified my knowing that the Soul does not need to experience hate to know love and fear to know peace.  All a lie, unless of course one wishes that to be their reality, then so be it.  But if you don’t wish to have that experience, dismiss it.  I feel this choice is how it was supposed to be all along and is the state we are returning to again by experiencing the breaking down of the matrix/energy control grid. A return to our Sovereignty where we fully purely make our own choices as Energy Beings without any outside influence, law/rule or control.

I wouldn’t call us human beings either, who we were at that time.  We were definitely more Light Bodies.  We had physical form like we do as human’s, however we were much larger.

And I mean we were BIG.  And that was an interesting perspective as the day prior to this experience, I was in the kitchen and decided, for some reason, to stand on a stool.  “This is how tall I should be,” I announced, laughing.

I also remember somehow stepping into who I was at the time and the feeling was amazing.  Super light and floaty, if you will.  I certainly did not feel the denseness we experience in this 3rd dimensional frequency. How cool it was to feel so light while also having a physical body!

I also knew I was on an island next to the ocean.  And we had connections with the dolphins.  It’s as if each of us had one dolphin we had a connection with.  In the experience I was suddenly next to the ocean in shallow water and a dolphin swam up to me.  I gently placed my hand on it and could feel the warmth and smoothness.  It felt so familiar.  I just communed with it, telepathically.

I also received the message that children were raised much differently during those times as compared to today.  Because true Sovereignty is not in play in this reality (yet), we parents are understandably more fearful of letting our children wander off, for example.  Back then, because we lived in such a state of Sovereignty, the idea of harming another, especially a child, just wasn’t in our Being.  Children back then had absolute freedom as compared to what they have today.  I also felt we didn’t even worry and certainly we had no fear.  As a result, children spent their days learning our ways and engaged in far more exploring of their environments than they do today (with of course appropriate levels of supervision given their abilities). And when a child was born (I’m assuming we pro-created), it was welcomed, nurtured and loved by the entire community.  The true meaning of “it takes a village”.

That’s just how we did it.

Another message I received was that we weren’t questioned or grilled in the manner in which we engage in today with our relationships. You know what I mean.  Being asked “What are you doing?  Why?  Where were you?” I am particularly bothered in being asked such questions and in fact it is not a natural behavior for me to engage in with another, not even my own child (although I will when necessary).  It feels like an intrusion of my personal space when asked such questions.  As Sovereign Beings we have absolute trust in one another so the energy of distrust, as we all have in a variety of levels for one another in this reality, simply was not there.


After receiving these messages, I went back to the tree, looked around and knew it was time for me to come back.  And I didn’t feel sadness, which surprised me.  When I came back into my body I didn’t know where I was.  I didn’t even know what lifetime I was in. I started asking myself where am I, when am I.  I slowly opened my eyes and remember feeling around me to regain my awareness. It took me a few moments to adjust being back here.  I lay there, letting the experience sink in.  My mate rolled over.  “I went to Lemuria,” I said quietly, smiling.

Essentially the message of this experience was we need to start Being the Being’s we were back then – NOW.  The memories are within us.  We don’t need to wait until we are somehow magically transformed into Higher Vibe Frequency, or Gaia either for that matter.  We can reach those states of Higher Vibrational frequencies by BEING.  Intending it.

BE the example, which duh, I already know.

And for me would mean going outside, singing to my soil and see what happens.  lol  If people walk by and look at me, who cares.  I’ll smile. Maybe ask if they wish to join in with me.

I have this saying on my wall that says “I am too AWESOME to stay hidden.”  This morning I was looking at it and had this thought “no, you’re too beautiful to stay hidden.”

We all are.  The experiences of Lemuria are teaching me to remember that.

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