About “Cobra = Cabal” and all that “Holy Crap”!!

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[Kp note: a short Cobra statement is at the end.]

Cobra posted an update a couple days ago. So I read it, posted it, and then paid no more attention to it. But then another article (henceforth called, “other article”) came out (centered on Cobra’s update), and it’s been zooming around the internet tubes and I’m sure many have run across it, and I’m sure many have an “opinion” about it.

I am not concerned with any of those “opinions”.

In this short bit here, I am simply speaking from what I “get” from my own Higher Inner Discernment (HID) sense. Any time I read something, I pass it through those “Higher Inner Discernment” filters (well, most of the time, at least).

Now, when I read and posted that Cobra update, I could not speak from my own experience with such directed energy weapons. A few others I’ve…

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