Infinite Shift – Dedicated to the Architects of the New Earth


Are You a Doorkeeper? Part 1

April 19, 2017 by Iconoclast, posted in unplug from the matrix

Many people that have incarnated at this time on Earth made an agreement to help shift the collective agreement and create a new reality—one that would express a higher consciousness, and result in a veritable Eden. Some of us have decided to hold the door open to the alternative realities of higher vibrations. The old paradigm is like a movie theater with everyone glued to the screen. They don’t know that the movie is over and they can leave. The doorkeepers are the theater’s ushers who show people the door and encourage them to use it. For this massive shift in collective consciousness, we have all “signed up” for various roles. No role is better or higher than another. If you still find yourself at a “lower” layer of consciousness, surrounded by people who are still mired in fear-based thinking, relax, and just try to observe everything and everyone with detachment. This includes all conspiracy theories, such as chemtrails, the global elite, the Controllers, warmongers, and negative extraterrestrials. They are all only shadows—old thought-forms that are like “hungry ghosts” waiting for your belief and emotional energetic input. ~ Excerpt from Unplug From the Matrix

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Source: Infinite Shift – Dedicated to the Architects of the New Earth

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