Energy Update ~ Let Life Happen Through You ~ April 18, 2017


By Sophie Gregoire, 04/18/2017

The inner shifts are about to become a life. Inner revolutions are opening doors to new, physical, tangible possibilities.
The Knowing Thyself, the discovery chrysallis time weren’t a way of escaping the world but a parenthesis before coming back to full, bright aliveness in new ways.

We don’t need anymore to retreat or be outside of the world to connect within and feel. We don’t need anymore to be elsewhere to be fully ourselves. We are now seeing that we can be who we truly are while being present, committed in the world and with others too.

We were never meant to be alone, you see.
We simply had to retreat, to find.
We had to wander, in order to seek.
We had to go into aloness, to feel.
But Heroes always return back to the outward bright life after their alchemist, inner journeys.

There is…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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