Questions: Ascension / Safety / Foreign Exchange / 800# ~ April 15, 217


Are you ready? Ready for a HUGE and very positive change in your life and the the world? LOTS of things happening out there right now, my friends, with various messages to ALL of humanity!

It doesn’t matter whether you are aboriginal and live in a jungle, or if you live in a high-rise apartment in the city you choose, or are just a child…or are very old, the signs and signals are all over the place indicating a real change is about to occur for every entity on earth!

What are the signs and signals? Well, various astrological events (see, geo-political events (Syria false-flag, North Korea), UFO events (Secure, Third Phase of the, and RV announcements (Dinar Chronicles) mean that the message is being sent out to all, far and wide, about real change in in the air!

Those who ARE spiritually aware know exactly what’s…

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